Legal Administrative Specialist
Legal Administrative specialist

Legal Administrative Specialist

The Legal Administrative Specialist program is designed to prepare students for employment or advanced studies by offering a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that incorporate the role of a legal secretary / assistant. This program is competency based and consists of 4 occupational completion points, each of which requires the student to meet state standards.

Program Mission

The mission of this program is to prepare the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain employment and to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed.

Program Content

  • Microsoft Office 2013 - student develops an exercise-oriented approach that allows learning by doing, using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook
  • Use of technology to develop knowledge and skills needed to perform basic office procedures
  • Critical thinking, sound reasoning, and ethical decision making skills
  • Fundamentals of business and personal law
  • Mechanics of working in a law office
  • Use of technology to prepare legal documents
  • Legal transcription
  • Daily keyboarding to improve speed, accuracy, and proofreading skills
  • Employability skills - professional resume, cover letter, thank you letter, interviewing techniques

Industry Certifications and Licenses

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist Certification in Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint)

Gainful Employment Information

Legal Administrative Assistant Gainful Employment


Central Florida Wage Statistics

Average Entry Wage: $12.39 | Average Wage: $18.52
**Statistics are only a guide and should not be the sole factor in your career decision.

Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity*

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Teacher Resources

Uniform Policy


TECO Main Campus

Full Time Session:
Monday-Friday 7:00 am -2:00 pm

Part Time AM Session:
Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 10:00 am

Part Time PM Session:
Monday-Friday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

TECO Poinciana
(Not Offered)

TECO St. Cloud
(Not Offered)


Tuition and Lab: $3,566.00
Additional estimated costs for fees, books,
and other expenses: $972.00


Dona Powell

Program Number


Program Requirements


Program Commitment

1050 Hours

Occupational Completion Points

Information Technology Assistant - 150 hours
Front Desk Specialist - 300 hours
Administrative Support - 150 hours
Legal Administrative Specialist - 450 hours

*Successful completion of an OCP may qualify a student for employment.

Program Textbooks

Microsoft Office 2013
(ISBN: 978-1-2851-6602-5)

Legal Transcription Text w/CD
(ISBN: 978-0-7638-2194-4)

Business and Personal Law
(ISBN: 978-0-0787-4369-6)

Filing Made Easy
(ISBN: 978-0-0281-3831-2)

Law Office Skills
(ISBN: 978-1-4018-1229-4)

Administrative Professional 14th Ed.
(ISBN: 978-0-5387-3104-1)

Family Financing Management
(ISBN: 978-0-5384-4862-8)

On Your Own Personal Simulation
(ISBN: 978-0-5384-4855-0)
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